The Fantasy Football Blog: Week 1 review

Miles Reucroft is undertaking a different way of playing the ever popular Fantasy Football this season. To understand his methodology, read part one here.

The first weekend of the season is always a difficult one. How will the new boys bed in? Do they get on with the local lads? Will this be our season?

FC Fakin’ Run Aboutabit had a solid start. Our 54 point haul leaves us handily mid-table, ranked 2,325,945th. Solid, if unspectacular.

As feared, Kieran Trippier wasn’t fit enough to play, so our utility man, Nathan Ake slotted in and did okay. He’s not a natural right back, though, so it would have been unrealistic to expect too much from the lad.

Thankfully, he was well supported by his defensive colleagues, with Michael Keane, John Stones and Ryan Bertrand instantly gelling and giving us the basis of a strong looking back line. Trippier will need to be replaced though, given that he’s struggling to walk. He’s obviously gutted, but he understands that he’s no good to us on one leg. I hope this won’t be the last time that our paths cross this season, he was brilliant in pre-season and the new boys mentioned how he helped them to settle in. Terrific lad.

In front of the backline, our holding midfielders had differing weekends. Granit Xhakha, despite some suicidal passing, had an unexpected influence further forward. Normally a destroyer rather than a creator, a fighter rather than a lover, Granit pulled in a handy points total by showcasing his creative skills. N’Golo Kante needs to shape up, he suffered a dreadful opening weekend, but this is a patient church and we believe in his talents.

Ahead of the midfield ball winners, it was another mixed bag. An administrative error meant that Bernardo Silva played instead of Manolo Gabiaddini, but the young Portuguese didn’t have enough time to weave his silky web this week. Manolo was understandably fuming with me and it took an expensive Italian accompanied by a top, top bottle of Valpollicela, of course, to placate him.

Kevin de Bruyne got off to a solid start but it was Dele Alli who stole the forward show. He put in exactly the sort of display we were after, being creator and goal scorer, as well as a pisser-offer of the opposition. Jonjo Shelvey’s card are marked – no one stamps on my players. He can expect some rough housing next time he steps into this parish.

Harry Kane, our skipper and inspiration was insipid. He’s never scored a Premier League goal in August so we’ll have to show him some patience. He was first to training on Monday morning, such is his desire to retain his place in the starting XI and get off the mark for FC Fakin’ Run Aboutabit. A consummate professional and a joy to work with, I have complete faith in Harry to put things right soon.

Roll on game week two. I’ll be back with transfer news later in the week.


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