Fabio Borini and unrequited love

By Will Hermann

Dear Deidre… I have a bit of a problem and I’m hoping you can help. You see, I spent last year with this racy little Italian thing and I’ve been trying to get him to commit to me all summer. He’s pretty beautiful and has all the assets I’m after – a nice turn of pace and a bit of class in the final third. He’s also proven to be a proper goer when it’s mattered – against the Mags and at Wembley – but I feel like he thinks he’s too good for me. What should I do? Should I keep trying to woo him or should I move on? Yours, Sunderland AFC.

Fabio Borini has been chased by Sunderland all summer but I’m not convinced it’s a good deal anymore. He’s a talented player who would add a lot to the Sunderland team and I don’t believe the £14m fee being touted for him is too much. He’s proven that he can be both a creative influence and a goal scorer and that, combined with his age, makes him worth the money, assuming he can be tied to a decent contract.

What’s of concern to me is the ongoing nature of the transfer and Borini’s uncertainty about the move that’s implied by it. The noises coming out of his camp since the end of last season have been that he believes he’s good enough for the Liverpool team and that he’s destined to be a very top player. Perhaps he will be and I wish him well on that journey but if, after a year on loan with us, he’s not convinced he can achieve his ambitions at the club, then he clearly doesn’t “fancy” us. It would be disastrous to entice him in to a move by convincing him that he’s not as good as he thinks he is. Rather if we’re to spend a huge wad of cash on him I want his move to be based on his love for us. Yes we’re not a super-model of a club but we’re certainly capable of being a good upper half of the table club who can harbour top international players of at least Borini’s calibre.

Dear Sunderland… If your partner doesn’t fancy you, the relationship’s doomed for failure and he’ll never perform when it matters. Look for someone else, you’re beautiful and you can do better. Yours, Deidre.

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  1. Billious

    Borini is talented when he decides to turn it on but he is the typical Italian that has never lived up to the hype, Borini is just another in the list of Italians Liverpool have bought that have been a disaster. I warned that he wouldn’t fit and he hasn’t.

  2. Richard HerRmann

    I’m sure these sentiments are widely shared. It would seem that the deal his faded out in any event & almost certainly because FB has rejected the advances.
    The bigger picture & problem is that the saga, as it has become, has clearly caused significant distraction within the club. With 4 days until the start of the season & 20 until the transfer window closes (in my mind it should close as the season starts) the club is woefully under-resourced in the attacking department. Altidore’s terrible form since his arrival, Fletcher’s worrying fitness record & questionable state of mind and purple-patch / want-away Wickham leaves the club without a recognisable, reliable top-flight goal scorer.
    Sunderland will once again be forced into last minute, panic lead transfer market activity. These, I’m afraid, are very worrying times. Again.

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