Chelsea star facing driving ban after his fourth conviction for speeding in a year

World Cup winner Olivier Giroud is facing a driving ban after racking up four speeding offences in less than a year.

The Chelsea and France striker was due to appear at Willesden Magistrates’ Court this afternoon for doing 10 miles over the speed limit on the North Circular in his Bentley.

He has pleaded guilty and said he did not want to attend court, according to prosecutors.

But his sentencing had to be adjourned because the court had not notified him that his guilty plea meant he would have hit the 12 penalty point limit and be disqualified.

In addition he has moved house and so the notification would need to be sent to the new address, it was said.

The charge states he was driving at 60mph on A406 and was caught by an automatic camera device on May 2.

Prosecutor Alison Larkin said: “This relates to the 2nd May at 3.39pm, the location was the A406 junction with Lytham Grove NW10.

“Mr Giroud was driving a Bentley and the speed recorded by a camera activation was 60 in a 60.

“He has nominated himself as being the driver at the time of the offence.”

After a trace by the DVLA, it was found that Giroud has been caught speeding on three other occasions in addition to this offence on the A406 between Lytham Grove and Harrow Road Underpass.

Ms Larkin said: “The current points on the license are on 18 February 2018, speeding offence and three penalty points.

“The second offence is the 15 March 2018, another speeding offence three penalty points.

“The third is 6 November 2018, a speeding offence with three penalty points.”

The court heard Giroud sent a letter to Willesden Magistrates’ Court stating he had moved house three days ago.

He was previously listed in court documents as living in Highgate but he now lives near Battersea Park.

Chair of the bench Nigel McNeil said: “From what we have heard we are going to adjourn this matter for the appropriate notification to be sent to Mr Giroud.

“These additional three points which we are bound by law to impose would make him a totter.

“It’s likely the points will be imposed but it’s at the discretion of the Magistrates.”

Giroud’s case was adjourned until next month at the same court.

By Adela Whittingham

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