Chelsea footballer will have his speeding offence heard in private today

World Cup winner Olivier Giroud will have his speeding offence heard in private today (Tues).

The Chelsea and France striker was due to appear at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court this morning for allegedly speeding in his Bentley.

The single charge says he was doing 60mph on a 50mph zone of the north circular in London.

But court staff said it would be heard by a single justice in a hearing not open to members of the public or press.

A court official said: “It’s listed for a single justice procedure case today. If it is dealt with today it will just be dealt with by a single justice.

“He might plead or want to attend. If he pleads not guilty or wants to attend there will be a new date.

“Otherwise it will be dealt with in his absence outside court today.”

The football ace was said to have been driving his Bentley at 60mph on the A406 in Willesden, north west London on May 2.

The charge states he was driving at 60mph between Lytham Grove and Harrow Road Underpass – 10mph over the speed limit – and was caught by an automatic camera device.

Giroud himself is not expected to attend the court in south London today.

Represented by a solicitor, he can plead guilty to the charge or request a trial.

He may also plead guilty but ask to attend when his sentence is handed down.

Court staff said his decision to plead guilty or not guilty would be disclosed later.

A member of staff added that the matter could be dealt with today if he pleads guilty and agrees for the sentence to be dealt with in his absence.

By Adela Whittingham

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