4 Biggest Sports Betting Trends in 2019

The betting industry has seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of decades. With the advent of online sports betting, the life of bookies has become easier than before. They can now use software applications to track and monitor the betting data of their clients. Payperhead247 is a PPH bookie site that is often used to search for client details and understand the betting trends for a given period.

The new model of sports betting

Over the years, the success of sports betting has been colossal. The addition of many new games, freedom to bet from all around the world, and instant bets are some of the reasons why there is such a mad rush among new gamblers to be a part of this industry. Experts believe four trends will grow in 2019. They are:

1. Women participating in sports betting

The growing number of female players will increase even further in 2019. According to several statistics of 2018, the sports betting industry consists of almost 14% female bettors. However, they don’t fancy going to the exchange. Instead, they prefer online betting, and that’s why they search for reliable bookies. Women below 30 years are more aggressive to betting because they are more up to date with various sports and games.

2. Using debit and credit cards

The use of debit and credit cards will increase in both online and offline betting market in 2019. Gamblers who still don’t use the online mechanism had to pay cash in the offline shops. But this trend will change, and betting shops will adopt the use of debit and credit cards. Apart from offline betting, online betting will also see a shift in the payment method. Many countries still consider betting illegal, but there are thousands who want to bet. These gamblers usually use a VPN to bet on their favorite sports. They may not see another payment option where they can add their debit or credit card instead of linking their bank account first.

3. Using digital mediums as the new marketing strategy

Digital marketing will be the new advertising hub for the betting industry. Social media marketing is one of the strategies that the experts will tap on because it is one of the platforms that can draw more attention of potential gamblers and make them aware of the offers and rewards, they can be a part of if they win. The adverts will be personalized and non-intrusive to draw millions of new players.

4. Adding more sports for betting

Several algorithm and policy restrictions limit the number of sports available for online betting. But 2019 is going to be the year where that trend will change. Franchises will attach many local games in their lists so that when the season of significant sports come to an end, players will have something to bet on, and have the chance to earn even when the market is down.

2019 will be a game-changing year for gamblers and the sports betting industry. With so many positive changes, it will entice more players to join the bet on their favorite sports and could earn big.

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