“This will take two years no bother,” Gaudi claims over building Sagrada Família

World renowned artist Gaudi, has told Bocabella, he can build a church inspired by one at the Vatican, in Barcelona, over two years. Even quicker as he has to use his own subcontractors to do it.

Many people have said it would take many years to ensure every hand crafted piece of Gothic and Art Nouveau forms are perfectly entwined, and work in perfect synergy.

There were also some concerns that the four domed structures, that will hold it together, are in danger of pulling themselves apart.

Gaudi replied: “Na bit of gaffer tape and some prit-stick and it will be done in no time.

“Don’t worry about the four domes, now is not the time for them to break away.

“I want paid in cash for the job though, but definitely not in pounds, fucking worthless mate.

“Ok then, show me the drawings and I’ll get started…fuck off you’ve got to be kidding, is it to late to send the job back?”

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