Trump signs executive order to invade Poland

‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’ Trump asks his supporters at his latest rally in Nuremberg.

The leader of the Blurred Right is still angry about a recently leaked document which he believes came from his own intelligence agencies.

Despite heavy criticism Trump stood by his comments, later reiterating his comparison to Nazi Germany: “This is something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do” Trump said from his Zepplin, Air Force Ein.

Many commentators noted the irony of a man complaining that his country was turning into Nazi Germany, whilst simultaneously attempting to turn his country into Nazi Germany.

Trump yesterday banned Muslims from seven countries from entering the US claiming this ‘extreme vetting’ will help tackle Islamic terrorism. Last week he promised to publish a list of immigrants who commit crimes against US citizens.

Some would see this as an attempt to stir up political tensions, creating a common enemy where blame could be laid for all America’s failings. Historians warn this is a tactic hauntingly similar to dictators of the past.

But Trump had some soothing words for those beginning to see a pattern emerging:

“I am a peaceful man. But I believe peace can only be obtained through strength so I am therefore adding more firepower to our great great armed forces. I will build more V2s, and expand our Luftwaffe to protect American lives. And can assure you I will not hesitate to blitzkrieg the shit out of anybody who stands in our way.

Because if I don’t, we’re in danger of turning into Nazi Germany.”

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