Trump sets out plans to build Mexican mall on border

Donald Trump has set out plans to build a huge shopping centre on the Mexican border to increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

Fulfilling an election pledge made to US voters that he would construct a mall as soon as he got into power, the new US president is expected to sign several executive orders to get construction under way immediately.

Several Trump voters are said to be bemused with the decision to build a cross-border retail outlet, with some saying they were under the impression that the President elect had said “wall”.

But Trump has laughed off the notion of constructing a 1,900 mile long wall that spans fours states, saying it would be much more cost-effective and potentially lucrative to invite shoppers to outlets as part of his adventurous business plan.

Apologising to some voters who may have been misled, he said: “I’m all for controlled immigration, but building Great Walls that span several thousand miles is a bit outdated don’t you think?

“I’d rather expand upon the excellent economic relationship we have with our Mexican neighbours by embarking on the ambitious mall project I set out in my campaign for president.”

Supporters of the Republican president are also said to be bemused after Trump announced he has finally found members for a Muslim band, something they misconstrued to be promises of a Muslim ban during his election campaign.

Credit: Todd Williams

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