Trump reveals UK to pay for border wall

Theresa May has come under increasing pressure today after not only failing to condemn the use of torture and the controversial travel ban, but somehow agreeing to foot the bill for Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall.

Tory MPs were warning May not to make too many concessions as she raced to become the first international leader to meet the new President. It was believed the meeting had been a success after Trump had adopted a more reasonable stance in the resulting press conference.

However, today it has emerged that Theresa May has not only failed to make any serious headway with a proposed trade agreement, she leaves the US having agreed to a number of additional clauses.

A Trump insider confirmed “Meetings with Trump don’t come for free, especially not the very first meeting. The deal was May would agree to cover the cost of the wall, as it’s clear Mexico aren’t going to pay for it. We also got her to agree for the UK to become the world’s leading importer of Trump steaks and to rename Big Ben, Big Don”.

“And in return Trump would nod a little when May talked about NATO. A pretty good deal for both sides and a great start to our special little relationship”.

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