Shocking footage of Trump taking part in live political debate surfaces

Worrying television footage of Trump discussing politics has emerged overnight in the latest setback to his controversial Presidential campaign. In the footage Trump can be heard at one point attempting to address political ideas and policies, in a recording likely to upset most people in the world.

Linguistic experts have examined the poor quality footage in which Trump can be heard mumbling incoherently and flitting between subjects, and worked tirelessly overnight to piece together fragments of his sentences into one coherent monologue.

Tom Streather from the US Institute of Linguistics confirmed “So you can clearly hear Trump being aggressive, abusive, sneering, confrontational and constantly interrupting his opponent. Basically, all the things we’d want to see from him. But at one point, and you can just about make it out, he actually begins to talk about political affairs. This is very worrying behaviour and not something you’d expect from candidate in 2016”.

In the leaked footage Trump is being typically bullish, calling for his opponent to be jailed, calling her ‘the Devil’ and pouncing on the indiscretions of her husband, former President Bill Clinton. But it is the section of the debate where Trump attempted to discuss actual politics that will undoubtedly cause the most controversy. In the muffled 4 second clip, Trump’s face can be seen to turn bright red and contort as he attempts to address foreign and domestic affairs.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said “Trump is the man. But if allegations of him talking about policy are accurate, then he’ll have to hold his hand up and say I’m sorry. Men like Trump should not be talking about such things whilst running for President. They should be blaming immigrants and making up lies and trying to smear their opponents. But at the end of the day he’s only human and everyone makes mistakes.”

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