Scotland’s odds of qualifying for 2026 World Cup slashed from 250/1 to 250/1

FIFA’s decision to allow pretty much every country in the world into the 2026 World Cup, has lifted the spirits of Scottish fans desperate to see their team in an international tournament, but not the bookies.

Sadly the bookmakers are not as confident and have slashed the odds to exactly the same as they were before the announcement by FIFA to extend the tournament to 48 teams.

Scotland fan James McDougall, 27, said: “You would think we would get through, as the top three teams in each group of five will get through, but there is always the tricky away trip to Liechtenstein, where we will draw 1-1 and finish fourth.”

Liam Stevens, 46, from Ladbrokes bookmakers said: “Ok Leicester City won the league with much longer odds, but Steven Fletcher is hardly Riyad Mahrez, is he?

“If you want odds for Scotland to qualify for the next international tournaments before 2026, just make them up and we will accept them.”

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