Should pensioners pay Brexit bill and be excluded from second referendum?

Pensioners should foot the Brexit bill and be excluded from a second referendum, according to a scathing letter sent in to the New European.

The  tongue-in-cheek letter, being dubbed “Never mind cake, let them eat sovereignty”,  was submitted by 54 year-old Chris Webster from Abergavenny in Wales, and suggests pensioners should pay the bill for the projected £200 billion per-annum loss in GDP.

State pensions cost £90 billion a year, and 65 per cent of voters of 65 voted Leave. If we cut pensions by the same amount (65 per cent) then we could account for some of the losses from the treasury’s coffers.

He also suggests that we should have a second referendum on the proposals which must ignore the people most affected by the changes – so pensioners will not be allowed to vote.

Read the full piece below.


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