Ministry of Truth confirm 100 million attend President’s inauguration

The Ministry of Truth have today put all speculation surrounding President Trump’s inauguration to rest, clearly and ably demonstrating that his attendance was 10 times that of his predecessor.

The Ministry of Truth have circulated a memo fixing the misquotations of the previous days and have destroyed any conflicting memes, images and posts. Anyone seen to have liked, shared or colluded with the untrue information has committed a treasonable offence and will be cured of their insanity with electroshock therapy.

The term ‘doublethink’ used to describe the need to willingly hold two conflicting ideas in one’s head upon party request, will now be called ‘alternative fact’.

Example of other alternative facts include ‘there is nobody who respects women more than Donald Trump’ and ‘today the people became the rulers again’.

The Party would also like to confirm that we are no longer at war with Russia. In fact we were never at war with Russia and have, for a very long time, been at war with Asia.

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