Millions of people unwittingly expose themselves as idiots


Millions of people have unwillingly exposed themselves as ‘complete and utter idiots’ to their friends and families on social media this week.

Facebook users up and down the country have exposed themselves as halfwits by sharing their fury over the miscarriage of justice that took place when modern-day-martyr Tommy Robinson, or convicted criminal Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (to use his real name), was convicted for contempt of court.

Each person supporting the ‘free Tommy’ campaign has unwittingly exposed themselves as ‘total imbecile’, ‘without an ounce of knowledge about our legal system, criminal trials or court reporting restrictions’.

The former EDL (English Defence League) leader, sometime-football hooligan and self-proclaimed free speech activist, and convicted fraudster, this week yet again may have put criminal trials in jeopardy by breaking strict court reporting rules.

Reporting restrictions – there for a reason

Reporting restrictions apply in a wide range of situations. Particularly where there are a series of linked trials – for example, where allegations involving numerous defendants are concerned, requiring several trials. This is to avoid jurors being influenced by what they might read (or hear about on social-media) between trials. Reporting of all of them is often postponed until the end of the trial… when, guess what? The media has free reign to report the facts.

This week, millions of people up and down the country have literally come out and exposed themselves as total and utter knuckle-dragging, ill-informed morons by displaying no knowledge, or zero regard, for legal processes and court reporting rules.

The judge in the case that Tommy Robinson was filming outside had imposed a postponement order preventing the media from reporting on the ongoing trial – yes including sentencing – until all linked trials had concluded. Breaching a reporting restriction amounts to a contempt of court.

Tommy Robinson admitted doing this.

Yaxley-Lennon has admitted contempt of court.

He’d been warned about this before

This isn’t the first time Yaxley-Lennon has endangered the course of justice. In 2017, Yaxley-Lennon tried to expose four Asian defendants as ‘Muslim child rapists’ during a live trial. He was given a suspended sentence (which he then flaunted).

The judge at the time had warned ‘Tommy’ in no uncertain terms: “In short, Mr Yaxley-Lennon, turn up at another court, refer to people as “Muslim paedophiles, Muslim rapists” and so and so forth while trials are ongoing and before there has been a finding by a jury that that is what they are, and you will find yourself inside. Do you understand?“

Risking collapse of serious criminal trials

Despite risking the collapse of a serious criminal trial (meaning the numerous victims would never see justice and millions of pounds of taxpayers money would have been wasted), Yaxley-Lennon’s tub-thumping supporters have demanded justice… not for the sexual abuse victims, but for ‘Tommy’.

On Friday 25 May 2018 ‘Tommy’ was imprisoned for 13 months for contempt of court after live-streaming footage of participants in a criminal trial outside Leeds Crown Court. He had streamed footage of a number of men – including defendants involved in a live trial – entering the court building, in what he claimed was an attempt at legitimate court reporting.

Unbeknown to morons, idiots and numbskulls up and down the country, there is a quaint little tradition in the UK that trial by media should be avoided.

Unbelievably, trial on evidence heard in court is the fairest way to determine a person’s guilt. Lo and behold, anything that might prejudice or intimidate the jury is strictly forbidden (we know, having a fair trial is political correctness gone mad!).

Free Tommy Robinson

We asked one Facebook user, Dave Cooper, why he supported the ‘Free Tommy’ cause.

He said ‘It’s a fu**ing conspiracy! The court has stopped the media from reporting on the case because they’re Muslims and they want paedophile immigration to carry on. The whole system is rigged.

‘The left-wing media, like the Daily Mail and the Express, hasn’t got the balls to expose these people before they are even found guilty.’

‘Tommy Robinson is the Nelson Mandela of our time.’

When we asked another supporter, Matt Smith, what he thought about ‘Tommy’s’ actions jeopardising a fair trial and preventing justice for the victims;

‘Course they’re guilty. They are Muslim paedophiles. Everyone watching Tommy’s Facebook video already knows they are total paedos now. Thankfully we’ve seen their faces, so we can find them and teach them a lesson for being paedos, even if they are found ‘not guilty’.

‘Tommy is the only true reporter of our time. Free speech ‘innit.’

Sadly, Dave, Matt or the ‘only true reporter of our time’ Yaxley-Lennon, hasn’t realised that you are not allowed to run around a court building shouting ‘paedophile’ at defendants during a live trial, or live-stream defendants, members of the public, and even jurors, entering or exiting a court building – for obvious reasons, and particularly if there are reporting restrictions in place (until the end of the trial).

Tommy Robinson supporters demonstrate at court where he pled guilty to contempt of court

Fair trial doesn’t involve shouting ‘paedophile’ at defendants

Obviously if there can’t be a fair trial, nobody gets justice. Not the accused, not the complainants, not the public. Serious criminal trials have collapsed because of the actions of people like Yaxley-Lennon.

Imagine if you were allowed to walk up to a juror and say, ‘Oi! The defendant is a dirty Muslim paedophile and he is guilty’. That would be wrong, right?

Well it would amount to the same thing if you trumpet that message to jurors through the media. Self-defined ‘free-speech’ advocates have real difficulty understanding this concept.

So, when Yaxley-Lennon continually expresses his ‘views’ on the guilt or otherwise of the defendants, this creates a substantial risk of serious prejudice to the court proceedings. It’s likely, thanks to the millions of idiots out there, that jurors face a real risk of seeing or becoming aware of his ill-informed ramblings. If the case collapsed, a retrial would cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds.

So far, over 500,000 people have signed an online petition to free Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

Mr Yaxley-Lennon’s solicitor today released this statement (courtesy of @UKDemockery):


Jailed Britain First’s Jayda Fransen’s Corbyn threatening boyfriend arrested for sexual assault

Jailed Britain First’s Jayda Fransen’s Corbyn threatening boyfriend arrested for sexual assault

Tommy Robinson supporters demonstrate at court where he pled guilty to contempt of court

Tommy Robinson supporters demonstrate at court where he pled guilty to contempt of court

Theresa May and Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents for national security reasons

Theresa May and Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents for national security reasons

Child abuse inquiry hears shock claims of ‘collusion’ to hide truth about Home Office and council ‘hellholes’

Child abuse inquiry hears shock claims of ‘collusion’ to hide truth about Home Office and council ‘hellholes’

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53 Responses

  1. John

    You have completely missed the point your calling everyone else stupid do you have the evidence that Tommy said , ‘Oi!. The defendant is a dirty Muslim paedophile and he is guilty’.
    No because that’s not what happened and alough a lot of people would prefer he did say that he didnt. To my knowledge it wasn’t even close to the dribble you talking about because that is against the law. The police would of arrested him for just being in the area it’s all PC bullshit. People can openly talk about and be critical about any religion in the world except Islam and thats Bullshit. Tommy banned from Twitter for stating facts about Islam when if it was anyother religion it wouldnt be an issue, it’s trumped up bullshit to keep people quite and if you can’t see that your part of the problem. CCN and the BBC are not right-wing yet the biggest and most funded companies so jog on you left-wing, double standards hypocrite

    1. Pete

      ok so we can accept you’re a racist scumbag, however your also fairly limited on your understanding of the English language too, The term Satire at the beginning??? lost on you, so not only a bigoted, knuckle-dragging racist scumbag but thick as well, maybe it is you who should jog on, to somewhere you can take lessons in the English language.

    2. Stephen Whitaker

      John the article says imagine if you (John) were allowed to do that, it doesn’t say that Tommy used those words.
      Tommy Robinson pleaded guilty to the charge of Contempt of Court , that’s what happened exactly.
      He admitted that he had put the trial of 29 alleged paedophiles and rapists in danger of being declared a mistrial.

    3. Kevin Goodwin

      Wake up mate, he broke the law having already broken the same law previously which he was convicted for. He admitted the charge and also apologised, what’s PC about that? The law is straight forward, if you behave in such a way to possibly influence the outcome of a criminal trial, you get prison, it’s not really that difficult. Whilst he didn’t refer to the defendants as “Muslim Peadophiles” in that instance, he had referred to them as such in previous posts and videos. If you don’t understand how a reporting restriction works, then I’m afraid you are lost. This wasn’t about censorship it was about protecting the trial from twats like Robinson causing it to collapse, allowing child rapists to go free. As you now know, restrictions are lifted and all the facts about this are public. Meanwhile a huge amount of stupid people exposed themselves for what they really are, bigoted racists who do nothing but damage our society and communities.

      You’re also conflating facts with inciting racial hatred, no one likes a bullshitter.

    4. Ty lone

      i’m pretty sure big corps don’t have a “right” or “left” “wing” because they are the centre making you twats who identify as either flap.

    5. fred

      he wasnt warned about that before. he was told not to accuse people before they were convicted and he didnt. you are the stupid ones.

    6. garry

      I’ve read this person’s statements on Tommy Robinson with great interest, it is my guess and will be no surprise he will have come from a privilege background, private school, been to the best uni etc, etc and maybe part of the traitor elite, or even a lawyer but defenitly a snob, posting selective video’s of thugs (out of context)…..Tommy can come over to some in society as a bit rough, but to us the majority (the working class’s) he’s just a normal guy who’s experienced the full nastyness of the Muslim community…. The point has been missed, in my view Tommy fell on his sword to expose these rape gangs, the government (cowards) and the lack of police when have on our streets…yes he was breaking the law but to me his only real crime was the timing he should of waited for the sentences to be given.we the people have let the minority & the politically correct take over, we are all guilty….time to reverse and reset society

    7. Chris

      ” The police would of arrested him for just being in the area it’s all PC bullshit. ” (sic)

      Yes, you’re right, they would have arrested him for just being there… because simply being there violated the terms of his existing suspended sentence. That’s why he was nicked.


    So giving out information that was already in public domain is break of peace! And it’s fine for stuck up people like yourselves to call us idiots?

    1. YaxleyLennon

      It’s fine for normal people to call idiots idiots because, well they’re fucking idiots.

      The guy is a racist dickbag who doesn’t actually give a flying fuck about anyone or anything as long as he and his mates can indulge in their favourite hobby of paki-bashing.
      Fuck him.

    2. gearoid sullivan

      Mark, it only becomes “in the public domain” when reporting restrictions are lifted by the judge at the end of the trial, when a violent convict like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon decides.

  3. Mj

    You just admitted it was a miscarriage of justice. You can’t arrest someone for reporting on rapists and peadophiles. Do some real work!! And why dont you look into why he was there!! Agian he was doing your job, you spineless cowardly sycophants.

    1. Tom Hamilton

      Yes you can you thick f**k. There are reporting restrictions on the case because some of the defendants don’t go on trial until September, and if stupid little morons like Yaxley-Lennon take the actions he did, those defendants could go free due to a mistrial. If you are supporting this muppet you are supporting paedos going back on the streets. People like you are sick.

  4. Tom Ball

    No one has missed the point. What you don’t seem to understand John and Mark Fox is that Lennon’s antics could well have prevented justice being done. I have no idea if the accused are guilty as charged, and neither do you. Their alleged religion (again do you have proof that these people are Muslim?) has nothing to do with the charges. Lennon was under a suspended sentence. He ADMITTED in court that he was in contempt of court and so was sentenced accordingly.

  5. Chris

    The only reason I’m an idiot is because, against better judgment I read your crap. Should get your facts right, but then you are the lying left.

  6. dan

    absolute waste of time reading this, everyone knows the justice system but its the system that lets these animals walk the streets or go to jail and mind fuck others into being a Islamic whatnot.

    1. Faiz Malik

      So the system lets people who are guilty go to prison and innocent free? Like It’s supposed to for anyone else? So why get mad for the system doing its job? You’re okay with calling a Muslim and animal for doing nothing wrong but you’re not okay with Tommy going away for breaking the law admitting to it? That’s some stupid fuckshit logic and grade a bigotry you’re on right there.

  7. JE

    The press report many people going to court and report it.Funny how he was the only journalist outside.Too scared to report it seems the only conclusion.Think about all the famous people filmed going to court Rolf Harris, Max Clifford.The public are not the stupid ones.

    1. Are you kidding?

      What part of ‘postponement order preventing the media from reporting on the ongoing trial’ do you not understand?

      There were no other journalists because reporting has been restricted. What would be the point in reporting on a case where you a) couldn’t legally report on it and b) risk being found in contempt of court?

      Oh, wait. Stupid people currently on suspended sentences who have no clue about how UK law works.

      Christ on a bike.

    2. GP

      There were no reporting restrictions on the cases of Rolf Harris et al. Infact, all of the cases under operation Yewtree had no reporting restrictions on them.

      They didn’t need them, because there was only one trial.

      In this case however, there are so many people on trial that they have to split them up into chunks. If they didn’t it would be too complicated for the jury, which is made up of people like you and me, to find a verdict on – which would run the risk of a mistrial or the jury being unable to return a unanimous verdict of guilty.

      The media had reported lots of information BEFORE the restrictions were put into place. They have been unable to report since the restrictions are in place. But they will be gathering up all the facts to make some great reading when they all get their verdicts and sentences.

      Lets just hope that ‘Tommy’ hasn’t given them cause for a mistrial allowing them to walk the streets free and carry on what they were doing.

    1. tom

      You forgot conman.

      Convicted fraudster who knew that if he committed contempt in the same way he would be in jail. So he does it again and goes to jail. This causes a whole bunch of controversy, getting him fame and fortune. Again, he knew this would happen! He set the whole thing up to exploit unthinking right wing muppets out of their money.

  8. JonJo

    Small minded, smug, left liberofascist claptrap.

    You lot almost gave yourselves hernias scrambling to out-virtue each other over Nelson Mandela, who had been jailed for killing people with bombs. Oh the injustice! I actually agree that Mandela was a ‘freedom fighter’ rather than a terrorist, but it’s your hypocrisy that disgusts me. It’s OK to bomb people for a cause you agree with, but ‘contempt of court’ is a HEINOUS CRIME when you don’t. Hypocrites

    Like him or not, Robinson is speaking out against the conspiracy of silence that denied justice to thousands of children raped over decades by what we know to be predominantly Asian muslim gangs – 75% of type 1 abusers. He has a right to express his views without persecution even if you don’t agree with him. But you’re the modern liberofascists, so it’s OK to persecute people you don’t agree with. What next? Gas chambers?

    It is YOUR conspiracy of silence that has brought all this about, but rather than hang your heads in shame that YOUR twisted, PC, multiculturalist, white-guilt ridden ideology was directly responsible for these children being denied justice, you smugly and self-righteously insult anyone who protests that this is a political prosecution rather than a matter of law.

    Aren’t your lot supposed to ANTI-fascist? What a joke!

  9. The secret Barrister

    Yes we are idiots. We the masses will just take your word for the truth!! Like you have reported over the last forty years of grooming gangs.. Like you have support Victims like Chelsea or backed MP’s like Anne Cryer when she was shouting from the roof tops.. It just goes to show that whether or not Robinson is in the right or wrong at least the man is reporting the truth. So suck it up buttercup

  10. Star 234

    You obviously have no idea what’s going on in this country I feel sorry for you wether him or someone else these people should not be allow allowed to rape sell give drugs or anything else the children we are here to keep safe and protected and we as a nation are not doing it so you can witter on about this till the cows come home you are as bad as them ….The law is to protect which is not being done 👧👧

  11. Lee

    so it’s OK to have lots of media an press outside the courts if it’s Paedophiles like Rolf Harris an other celebrity paedos.. but it’s not OK if it’s Muslims… hahahaha

  12. Hayley Warrener

    Well done, John. You’ve just shown yourself up to be one of the aforementioned knuckle draggers who also doesn’t really understand what satire is. Good work, John. 🙂

  13. Lee

    but it’s OK to have loads of media an press outside courts if it’s Paedophiles like Rolf Harris .but if it’s a Muslim then it’s not allowed

  14. Hayley Taylor

    This is one big set up. The judge didn’t even see the live stream he was too busy standing at the window smiling. No proper legal representation because the police had told his solicitor he was being released. I never heard the police read him his rights before putting him in the van. He asked police outside if he was ok live streaming and told he was. This case should and will be going for appeal, the press quick to film Cliff Richard when the police raided his home, yet he was found not guilty. Not once did Tommy say anything bad he even repeatedly said alleged groomers, msm only seem to report on the english groomers. BBC should be convicted then for potentially disrupting the trial as it was them that printed online names of the men and the charges they faced. Seems as well the police and curts failing to protect kids as these on trial get bail.

  15. Notanidiot

    Thank you TLE, your “article” was funny enough but the comments by the idiots claiming not to be idiots proves they are idiots because they don’t understand what the word Satire means!

    They can’t claim they didn’t know because you have mentioned it FOUR times, TWICE on the main picture, then in BIG letters under the picture and even at the start of the comments 😀

  16. MusliamicRayGuns

    The thing is, is that he craves the attention and he needs the shock and awe to get his message across, he wants to stir up feelings of hate, he’s an agitator. He was warned before and was in a court with signs telling people not to film and he broke the law. The judge said if he did it again he would be arrested, and 3months would be added to another contempt of court charge, and this is what happened. The guy is a bellend.

  17. dave

    By calling people “complete and utter idiots” who can see that a miscarriage of justice has taken place

    Aren’t you yourself falling into the category of ………. ,well the word I was going to use didn’t do the sentence justice since there are so many and dropping one word in and leaving all the rest out would be a travesty , a miss carriage of justice to the rest of the words just itching to jump into the sentence

  18. Rich Fletcher

    Tommy is a true hero of our time. He’ll come out of jail to an even bigger and stronger following. His follower base has grown massively in the last few days.

  19. IF the so called authorities did their jobs right in the first place there wouldn’t be any need for tommy or anyone else to bring injustice to light…this has been going on for decades.. where have all you lefties been in that time…

    1. fred

      He wasn’t bringing anything to light. The paedo gang were caught by the police and in court. They had already been in the papers. Why can’t you idiots grasp these facts instead of mindless repeating what your tiny brains have been told by other tiny brained idiots?

  20. Tom

    A gross amount of British people have proudly exposed themselves as fucking idiots by cravenly accepting the arrest and prosecution of a man exposing legal corruption in the case of a despicable monster violating children in a manner sanctioned by his abhorrent religion. Sane people praying that there won’t be another Referendum if this is the amount of brain cells British people have inexplicably lost since the last one.

  21. Redmond Mocke

    Your outrage at Tommy Robinson misses the point entirely. TR may not be an angel but he is a Guardian Angel to all the little girls who have been systematically groomed, raped and abused up and down our once beautiful country.
    By your article, you are more interested in a one-sided justice rather than looking to see what this man means to the thousands of groomed, raped and abused little girls.
    You are just a self-righteous idiot and appeaser of the grooming gangs. Why do you not rather use your writing skills to assist in TR’s cause or do you approve of the grooming gangs?
    Us millions support TR’s cause, not TR the person.
    Millions of Facebook users join me in telling you to support the victims and not the perpetrators.

  22. Mike Lacey

    As much as it pains me to say it, the EDL charmer talking about “Muslamic rayguns” actually says “Muslamic rape gangs…”
    Which pains me to say…

  23. Bob

    The names of the defendants were already in the public domain. Most cases of this type are reported on during proceedings – I presume the judge has banned reporting – maybe because of the ethnicity of the defendants?

    It’s wrong to call people idiots…….. a shocking headline to get people reading and commenting because your readership isn’t as big as Tomy Robinson’s!

    1. Cauliflower

      Holy crap it is scary how stupid some people are – Bob take the time to read GPs post which explains it for you in little words

  24. victor gordon griffith

    What about all the pedophile hunters, who go out and expose offenders on Facebook before they appear in court, doesn’t that come under the same jurisdiction of innocent until proven guilty and the general public know all the offences they have committed against under age children including showing the accused’s picture why aren’t the pedophile hunters arrested?

  25. Epicentre

    Robinson admitted guilt and was sentenced according to the law. People are entitled to campaign for his release. It’s not stupid or moronic to campaign for someone’s release, regardless of the reason for the convicted’s incarceration. The writer of this article is obviously against freedom of speech and thought. That he may disagree with the campaign in no way justifies his petulant tirade against those who subscribe to it. Also, I believe he cherry-picked the comments he quoted to fit his personal agenda, rather than presenting a broad view of the campaigners.

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