Metro Reader Discovers News Content

A London commuter has become the first person to spot a piece of news content in the Metro newspaper.

After spending months trawling through back issues of the commuter rag it was by chance that Danny Davey spotted never-before-seen editorial content among its commercially-driven pages.

Davey said: “I was going through my morning routine of sifting through the Tesco ads when all of a sudden I spotted something quite queer.

“A small piece of editorial copy was hidden between a Wonga banner and a Maccy D’s footer ad, which seemed entirely devoid of commercial persuasion.

“It gave me quite a fright.”

Metro, commonly known as the “ad rag”, declined to comment, but according to an insider they had thrown a curve ball in to “add something different” in among the competitive APRs and juicy double sizzler burger ads.

The chance opportunity to produce editorial content came when a Metro hack was temporarily relieved of his commercial fellatio responsibilities to investigate a scoop that news was happening which could encourage people to read the paper rather than just pick it up as a cover for ogling other commuters.

But the experiment may have backfired. Early reports suggest the so-called “news content” got a hostile reception from its warped readership who have complained about there not been a strong call to action or a cut-out coupon.

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