Theresa May tells Leprechauns “About that pot of gold…”

Tory PM Theresa May has finally admitted that the leprechaun community will not get the pot of gold they were promised.

The leprechauns set off in mid summer, with high hopes for a better future, but after a few days some of their number started to question if it was a good idea. They were told they were traitors and they needed to take back control of the rainbow, and that had it been looming over them for so long.

The leprechauns only set off as they were told about this pot of gold. They knew if they found it, it would help everyone, they would share it fairly with each leprechaun, and it would ensure they all lived longer and in good health. It seemed to make perfect sense.

Leprechaun Finney said: “Things were actually ok where we were to be honest, we are going to carry on anyway, as we don’t know what else to do. But then last week we were told that the pot of gold would only be worth the price of the pot that holds it anyway. The whole thing seems a bit daft to be honest.”

A spokesperson for the Government said: “Eh yeh sorry about that , they haven’t even got a pot to piss in now.”

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