Man with no social life already planning xmas party

32-year-old old Stephen Wilson, from the accounts department, is already planning this year’s xmas party, and he is literally counting the seconds until it starts.

Stephen, who spends 364 evenings of the year at home, has already sent the e-mail invite list and is demanding a reply by Wednesday 23rd August at 5pm, as “most venues get booked up by August bank holiday.”

He is currently telling anyone who will listen, in the staff canteen, about last year’s outing, “remember last year how much fun it was? TGI Friday, a couple in Yates’s wine bar, then on to the karaoke, what a night!”

There were reports that everyone left last year’s xmas bash by 9.30pm and Stephen was left singing Robbie Williams Angels, alone, in that high pitched shrill voice he as; one of the many reasons he doesn’t have any mates.

He still has 25 days holiday left of his 25 day quota, as he has literally nothing to do apart from plan the festive fun, and this year he has promised it is going to be epic, “well it has got to be TGI Friday, Yates’s then karaoke doesn’t it?”

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