Man who sold Ford Fiesta for £300 then bought back for £7k, inspired by Pogba deal

A man who saw his old car couldn’t resist buying it back for an inflated fee, after seeing Pogba deal on TV.

Terry Jones, 45 from Havant said: “I bought it back when it was young and fresh, it really looked the part. However, it was unreliable, kept breaking down on long journeys and only really enjoyed itself at home on the drive.

“I should have noticed the warning signs when I first bought it, it had go faster stripes, fluffy dice hanging from the rear view mirror and it really struggled to get out of third gear. I eventually shifted it for £300 to a bloke down the pub.

“But this morning I saw the Pogba deal on Sky Sports News and by coincidence I saw my old car drive past, it must have been a sign.

“Now the car had a twin exhaust, that paint that makes it look like Batman’s car and a Max Power sticker on the window. Slick, I’m sure you will agree.

“I guess I knew it was the same car, but it looked so good. I flagged the car down and offered the driver £3k, but he didn’t say a word, his face just went really red.

“Playing hard to get I thought, so I kept going up, eventually when I got to £7k, he fell out of the car and rolled about on the floor. I assumed this meant it was a sale. So I put the money in his top pocket and got into the car. It broke down 300 yards further down the road. I’m looking for offers in the region of £150 to get it off my hands.”

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