Man who cancels gym membership doesn’t get why he can’t still use it

A man has hit the roof that he can’t still go to the gym he used to be a member of.

John Proud, 51, said: “Ages ago they opened this plush gym in the local area. We desperately needed one, but I never liked it.”

Reluctantly John joined the club, but constantly moaned about the monthly fee, even after a large discount.

He said: “I got in better shape, but I never mixed with the other members. They were into yoga, spinning classes and detox smoothies. I just used to bench press and left as soon as I could.

“However, I decided to leave the gym, as I had just had enough of it. I just couldn’t stand the rest of the customers getting along and my improved fitness.”

Recently John needed a work out, but was astonished when he wasn’t allowed in his old gym.

He moaned: “I walked into the entrance and the receptionist said I couldn’t come in. I was fuming, how could she not let me into a club I’m not a member of? It is a total disgrace.”

After an hour of arguing, the receptionist told him: “There are some cement bags in the car pack, you can do arms curls with them. You might get fit, but you might just end up covered in shit.”

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