Liam Nissan goes into hiding

Liam Nissan says he is scratching his head over what he might have done after becoming embroiled in a race-hate-cum-Brexit-manufacturing storm.

The 58 year-old clerk from Wiltshire has gone into hiding after getting caught up in a clash of national news scandals.

Trolls have dubbed him a “jobs bastard” and a “racist manufacturer of family-friendly cars” on social media, with one saying he should think about culling his “white supremacy trope” rather than honest jobs in Sunderland.

Others remarked that “love, actually is about not threatening the livelihoods of families, you Brexit-fearing, xenophobic excuse of an actor!”

Nissan says the comments have come as a blow to him and his family, who have been moved to a secure location.

He said: “I’m at a loss for words.

“I’m an upstanding member of society, I go to church on a Sunday and regularly volunteer with Wiltshire in Bloom.

“So to be on the end of this level of abuse is horrifying.

“I’ve never uttered a racist slur in my life, and my cosh has never left the bedroom.

“I’ve also never travelled further north than Stoke, never mind Sunderland!”

Despite assurances from the authorities Nissan says he still fears for his and his family’s safety.

“They’ve told me we’re out of harm’s way, but one guy said he will find me, and he will kill me, so I don’t know what to think!”

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