Jeremy Kyle dubbed a lazy jobless layabout after falling on hard times

Jeremy Kyle has been lambasted for being a lazy, jobless layabout after his popular daytime TV show was axed by ITV.

Out-of-work Kyle was spotted louting about town in a hoodie looking dishevelled yesterday.

Rumours that he has signed on for benefits has spurred anger amongst his loyal audience who have called him a disgusting sponger and a disgraceful excuse for a human being.

“PUT SOMETHING ON THE END OF IT”, one shouted after finding out he is the father to four kids, before suggesting a DNA test should be taken.

“I PAID FOR THOSE DENIM SHORTS” yelled another, noticeably upset that an unemployed man still has to dress himself.

The once-famous Kyle found himself out of work after his popular day-time show was axed for exploiting vulnerable and poor people on live TV, and the irony hasn’t escaped his audience.

According to lie detector results Kyle LIED about claims that he is in fact a skilled broadcaster and also completely fabricated claims that he had a genuine fascination about, and empathy for, so-called ‘ordinary people’.

He also fibbed about been a so-called “truth-seeker, dispute-fixer and victim-supporter” although he tested positively for “villain-shamer”.

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