I thought he said ‘muslin’ ban, reveals May

By Tom Moore

Theresa May has today claimed she did not challenge Donald Trump over his controversial travel ban as she thought it was only in relation to a particular type of cotton cloth.

May told the commons she thought the controversial president had said ‘muslin’ and not ‘muslim’ and would have certainly made her feelings clear if she had known the true nature of the order.

“I did think it was a bit weird” she told the House at PMQs. “To be fair he was banging on about pro-life marches and the rights of babies at the time so you can see where the confusion came from. Let’s also not forget he was holding my hand at the time and I guess I just freaked and needed to get the fuck out of there”.

May’s excuse is unlikely to placate her peers. Muslins originally come from Mosul in Iraq and any ban would still have been seen as anti-islamic.

Some bloke on twitter said “ I would still have went fucking ballistic. A ban on muslins is a ban on all types of fabric. It should not matter whether you’re wool, cotton or felt.

“In America we are all cut from the same cloth.”


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