Government Memo About Not Leaking the ‘Don’t Leak’ Memo is Leaked

A government memo about not leaking the original don’t leak memo has been leaked.

Two consecutive memos were issued to Whitehall staff. The first warned of the consequences of leaking government memos and the second was sent immediately after warning staff not to leak the don’t leak memo.

It is not clear whether a ‘don’t leak the don’t leak, leak’ memo will be sent after both memos made today’s front pages.

Prime minister Theresa May is thought to be less than pleased about the outcome, although early indications suggest she may have accidentally cc’d key members of the press into the original emails.

An embarrassed May emerged this morning, admitting she hadn’t yet grasped what the ‘CC’ button did.

She said: “If I’m honest I thought it meant “keep clear”, that’s why I lumped all them journos in.

“It was only this morning that it clicked that  “keep” starts with a K”.

She re-issued a don’t leak memo immediately after, which were aware of because she cc’d us in.

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