Ed Balls banned from Strictly for refusing to do Trotskyite Twist

Militant judges who have just been voted onto the panel for the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing, have already clamped down on New Labour traitor Ed Balls. He would not do the Trotskyite twist with the 500,000 other Labour supporters at home.

During rehearsal for the first show Balls told producers he wanted to concentrate on the Foxtrot, but the judges assumed it was a subtle way for him to bring back hunting animals for sport, through the medium of dance. He then showed the TV executives his Blairite Spin, but they said it just doesn’t wash with the viewers anymore.

Ed Balls said he was ‘scared to death’ over the Strictly Come Dancing series, but that was mainly because a group of Corbynistas had kidnapped his family until agreed to break into the Trotskyite Twist during the first live show. He stood his ground and even refused to do the Che Che Che, and was banned from the show.

Judge Lenin Goodman said: “Dancing and politics are very similar, if you can’t do it well you look like a prick and if you don’t dance the way we demand you get to quickstep to the gulag.”

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