Donald Trump has never sounded so brilliant

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the US election was comic and impressionist Peter Serafinowicz’s Sassy Trump.

Voicing Donald Trump’s actual words – only voiced “0.001% more catty” –  helped us appreciate quite how shockingly barmy the flamboyant reality TV star’s outrageous ramblings really are. (Watch a fabulous example below.)

And now audio visual remixing wizard Eclectic Method has remixed and cut up Peter Serafiowicz’s Sassy Trump videos into one bizarre musical tirade – and remember these are all actually Donald Trump’s words. Watch and see one of Serafinowicz’s Sassy Trump vids below:

Sassy Trump Remix

Donald Trump has never sounded so brilliant – Eclectic Method v Peter Serafinowicz v Donald J. Trump is pure gold :

Posted by TLE Bored? on Wednesday, 15 November 2017



President Supervillain – Trump’s Words Mouthed By Comic Villains Is Genius

If You Like Eighties Stuff, Watch Eclectic Method’s Kung Fury Remix:

This is the one incredible thing Donald Trump has done for US women

Meta Hip Hop with Eclectic Method


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