Chris Reynolds Hits Back at CBI Chief’s ‘Business Dinner’ Comments

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent

Entrepreneur Chris Reynolds has ridiculed allegations from CBI chief Carolyn Fairbairn that business dinners are “not very inclusive” for women by releasing new figures that show one in ten people at his soirees are in fact female.

The millionaire, dubbed Britain’s answer to Dan Bilzerian, says the notion that business dinners are ‘not inclusive for women’ is “outrageously misguided”, adding that you “can’t move for skirt at his parties”.

Fairbairn, who is the first female chief of business lobby group the CBI, described black tie business dinners as “a vestige of old business life”, saying an “early evening discussion panel or a proper debate” might be more inclusive and appropriate for modern enterprises, rather than the sporting events and cognac-induced trips to the knocking shop.

But Reynolds thinks otherwise. He said: “Compared to the industry average of 25 per cent, most of the CEOs that visit Heaven SX enjoy ratios of ten to one in favour of women in the boardroom at our place. So we’re clearly all about inclusiveness.”

The businessman also hit back at comments that his Instagram account is nothing but a misogynist, self-indulgent toilet roll of drivel, but his comments were so profoundly sexist we were unable to publish.

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