Chilcot To Start Enquiry Into EU Referendum Result

Sir John Chilcot is to start his second successive investigation into crimes against humanity by chairing an enquiry into the EU referendum result.

The report into Tony Blair’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was published this morning, with the word “fail” and “bare faced liar” accounting for half of the 2.6 million words published.

But keen to tackle more horrific blunders, Chilcot has moved swiftly on to investigating the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

“I mean, I’m on a roll”, the British Privy Counsellor remarked. “And the way I see it, Blair and the 17 million fuckwits that voted to leave the EU are pretty much cut from the same cloth.”

“But I’ll start with that pig fucker first.”

David Cameron has already been called to appear in front of a tribunal to respond to questions over why he sent countless millions of innocent Brits to the polls to vote on such complex matters.

He says he will “take full responsibility his mistakes”, but he is unlikely to face a war crime trial in The Hague.

Chilcot’s report is expected to find that the invasion of British knowledge on complex political decisions was based on ‘flawed’ intelligence about the British public and was ‘not the last resort’ at the time.

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