Benefits family gets £369million for LUXURY home using YOUR money, Daily Mail fails to report

A family who were subject to an attack by the Daily Mail for living on benefits, are concerned that the paper has missed the benefits scoop of the year.

Susan Chimes, 45, an unemployed mum of five from Wakefield, was the subject of a “vile benefits family” article in the Mail recently and was shocked the paper missed this huge story.

She told us: “It’s weird, I had reporters from the Mail knocking on my door for days before I finally agreed to do the story just to get rid of them. They said they would do a sympathetic piece, but the headline said ‘benefits scum takes £30k of YOUR money a year,’ which was delightful for the kids to see.

“So when I saw that the Windsor family from London were getting £369 MILLION to do up their house, I assumed the Mail would be all over this. I am no journalist, sadly I didn’t go to University, as I was bringing up my family, but even I can see this is a big story.

“Two of my kids are over 16 and they both have part-time jobs, but from what I can see this family don’t have a job between them, can someone please email Paul Dacre and let him know.”

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