BAE Systems “Definitely an Acronym”, Say Founders

BAE Systems is definitely an acronym and not a shortened version of baby or babe, according to the firm’s founders.

Confusion has arisen of late over the pronunciation of the aerospace company after bae came into popular use.

But the company’s founders are keen to avoid confusion.

Lord Ballemthew, the third duke of Rushmoor, said: “It’s embarrassing for a company which supplies some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions to be associated with this juvenile pet name.

“I mean we build ballistic missiles and yet people think we’re a bunch of sissies!”

Lord Rushmore was first alerted to the confusion after Lady Rushmore jokingly asked to see bae’s tornado, which has put their relationship on fragile grounds.

According to one family friend she also caused much destress after enquiring whether bae’s systems still work after the esteemed Lord was unable to fulfil his marital duties after this year’s hunt ball.

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