A year of distractions: The things we do as landlords instead of checking our properties

There are many reasons checking your property is essential if you are a landlord, not only for yourself but also for your tenants too.

The benefits of inspecting your property regularly includes:

– Reassures your tenants that you’re reliable and available should they need you.
– Saves you money as you’re able to spot any pessary maintenance work before it get too costly.
– Can avoid disputes with any tenants, especially when it comes to security deposits.
– Helps you to keep a general eye on the property, ensuring you can spot any issues earlier.

You may also find that it’s necessary to check your property as part of your insurance cover, in which case you should be making it a priority to make regular checks!

Simple Landlords looked into some of the things we do within the year that might be preventing us from finding the time!

A Year of Distraction

Provided by Simple Landlords Insurance

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