Watch: Brits “Giving Burglars A Helping Hand” With Lax Home Security

Millions of households across the country could be literally giving burglars a helping hand, according to a new report.

Over the last 12 months, more than a half a million British homes have been broken into, with each theft netting thieves an average haul worth £2,267. But despite these shocking figures only a third of people have a burglar alarm or security windows, less than one in five rely on light timers and one in ten has external security cameras.

Commenting on the research commissioned by Nest Labs former Police Commissioner Colin Port said: “As winter draws in, the long nights make things easier for burglars looking for a house to break into.

“There are many ways to make your home more secure, both inside and out, but many people simply believe it won’t happen to them.”

Of 1,500 UK adults polled, more than 75 per cent believed their home was secure – but 55 per cent had suffered a break-in. And it’s not the elderly who are most at risk – the 16-25 age group is TWICE as likely to be targeted as the over-75s and almost three times as likely to have no security measures in place.

Colin Port added: “Students and young people’s homes are a common target for thieves as they often hold laptops and other valuables whilst rarely investing in securing what may be rented or temporary property.”

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