UK’s ideal home revealed

Ever thought about what your ideal home would look like? Two fifths of us desire a custom-built house, but what would it look like?

According to a survey by GoCompare Mortgages, it’s an ‘eco-minimalist’ detached home with three bedrooms and a modest, medium-sized garden.

The results also revealed that 90 per cent chose to include eco-friendly features – with solar panels leading the way with 59 per cent.

For the garden, 24 per cent preferred it to be fuss free. 52 per cent preferred a traditional route for the interior design, 28 per cent chose an eco-minimalist house, and 33 per cent placed their ideal home in a village setting. The most popular addition was a garage, with 46 per cent favouring this.

What does the UK’s ideal home look like?

Marc Sawan, an architect from eye-kon has designed the UK’s ideal home:

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