This is how many homes London needs to cope with rising population over next 25 years

London will need an extra 844,000 new homes in order to house its rising population over the next 25 years.

Official figures show the number of homes in the capital will need to rise by a quarter by 2041 if current trends continue, bringing the new total to 4.3 million households.

Tower Hamlets, Barking and Dagenham are likely to be the boroughs that will shoulder the lion’s share of the growth, with Hackney also in for a 35 per cent rise in residential properties.

In all, London will account for 21 per cent of the four million new households expected to be created in England by 2041.

Unveiling the figures, Jo Harkrader, of the Office for National Statistics’ Centre for Ageing and Demography, said: “The number of households in London is projected to increase by 24 per cent (844,000) between 2016 and 2041 — higher than the 17 per cent (four million) projected increase for England overall.

 “Nationally, households headed by someone aged 65 years and over in England account for 88 per cent of projected total household growth, whereas for London these households account for 61 per cent of projected total growth, suggesting that the ageing population is having less impact in London than for England as a whole.”

Today’s findings will place pressure on Mayor Sadiq Khan to speed up the delivery of new homes.

Figures produced by housing analysts have shown that only 53,848 new homes began during the end of the second quarter of 2016 and the same period this year.


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