Ruined home of real-life ‘Wicker Man’ & Satanist up for sale – for a scary fee

The ruined home of a real-life ‘Wicker Man’ and former notorious Satanist has been put for sale – for more than £500,000.

Boleskine House in Foyers on the banks of Loch Ness, Highlands, used to be owned by Aleister Crowley, who is said to have practiced black magic at the property between 1899 and 1933.

Born in Royal Leamingston Spa, Warwickshire in 1875, Crowley was an occultist, writer and mountaineer who rejected Christian doctrine and established Thelema.


Calling himself a prophet, he said he would be the one to guide humanity into the so-called Aeon of Horus – an age of spiritual interest and self-realisation.

He died at the age of 72 in Hastings, East Sussex in 1947.

In 2015, a major fire devastated the B-listed Georgian building, which was also previously owned by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page from 1970 to 1992.


The property is listed on the market for £510,000 and includes the ruined Boleskine House and 22.9 acres (9.3 hectares) of land.

Described by estate agents Galbraith as a ‘unique renovation project on the shores of Loch Ness’, the four lots also include a coach house, a B-listed gate house, grazing land and woodland.


A listing for the property on the agent’s website said: “Formerly a gracious B listed Georgian house of historic note, Boleskine House was predominantly destroyed by fire in 2015 and today the main walls with echoes of its former splendour are all that remains.

“The opportunity now exists to restore the house and grounds to create an outstanding property subject to obtaining the necessary consents.”

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