‘Rent Tent’ Advertised as Spare Room in London

By Grant Bailey (@GrantDBailey)

The rise in the cost of renting in London has led to many enterprising tenants subletting rooms in their homes. One such household in Gipsy Hill have taken the concept one step further, however, pitching a tent in their living room to offer to interested lodgers.

The ‘room’ will set you back £550pcm (excluding bills) but comes fully furnished with ‘drawers, sleeping stuff and a chair’.


Boasting views of a nearby houseplant, the tent is pitched adjacent to the dining table, making mealtimes convenient, too.

Unfortunately items such as the sleeping bag and the tent itself will be required by other housemates during festival season, at which time the tenant will need to vacate to the sofa.

Read the full description below, or visit the full advertisement on Gumtree.


We have decided to rent out our living room as we never use it. There is still a dining table in there so we will still eat in there, so we have put a tent in the room for privacy, and we would only eat breakfast and dinner in the room.

The tent has been furnished with drawers, sleeping stuff and a chair. However during festival season I might need the sleeping bag for a few days and the tent but we should have a sofa by then which you can sleep on instead. THere is a shared bathroom and kitchen and a communal garden.

We are located between Gipsy Hill and Crystal Palace. The room is 550 a month plus bills which are about another 80.



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