Getting The Most From Your Skip

Mackers Total Recycling Skip Hire

Introducing an effective waste management plan can be a daunting task when you are new to the practice. Having some knowledge on skip usage can go a long way. Some simple skip hire tips will help you get the best from your skip hire service.

Plan Ahead Before Hiring A Skip

Skip hire is a perfect waste solution for small and large business or homeowner projects. However skips are not bottomless pits, without realising filling them rubbish is an easy task. The expected amount of space will fill up faster than originally intended. Using the weight priority rule can help waste go further in your skip. Always add lighter items first so when heavier waste is placed on top, it crushes the more flimsy waste down.

The goal you want to achieve is compacting your waste as best you can,  preventing any overfill, moving towards having a well established and flat line at the top of your skip. It’s important that you overvalue how much waste you’ll collect so that overfilling skips wont become a problem. Mackers Total Recycling have the ability of guiding you through the skip hire process with pre-planning service advice. Overfilled skips become dangerous when removing and more expensive in the disposal process.

Break Down Larger Items

Throwing bulkier waste like furniture, solid garden waste or windows and doors makes skip build up problematic. Cutting down these items to piles of bits makes for better skip capacity, this is an ideal step especially if you only have room for smaller skip sizes. Items broken down also saves space on objects that remain useful, while chucking the actual useless bits and not the whole item. Breaking down items will also level out the weight and level inside your skip.

Keep Your Skip On Your Property

Although having skips at accessible points of entry and exit should remain your highest priority, this becomes an issue when skips are left out in the open. A skip not fully on your property will be vulnerable to passers by dumping rubbish within it over time. Using the same day skip delivery service should counteract this issue, skips not sitting around for long periods. Mackers Total Recycling have this offer that sees waste isn’t interfered with. Whilst most people remain respectful, some will take advantage of your skip if given the opportunity. So it’s worth scouting out the most accessible but also well secured area for your skip before hiring.

Know What Is Allowed

Most skips can take a variety of items, but some items are off limits. If your project involves forbidden items, it may not be the best option for you. Certain items not allowed are:  toxic/hazardous waste, medical supplies, electronics/batteries, chemicals/paint, tyres, asbestos, fluorescent bulbs/compressed gas cylinders. Fires and tampering skips with chemicals are forbidden acts that may result in fining and even criminal charges. When you need disposing of these items, contact companies like Mackers Total Recycling LTD for waste management advice and services for these items.

For more information you can read the skip hire guide by Mackers Total Recycling.

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