Preparing Your Home For Sale in the UK

With Brexit on the horizon until 30 June, some are wondering if now is a good time to buy a home. Buyers and sellers fear that they may have to make decisions after that date. Others want to move sooner due to personal reasons. Selling a home may be harder, but it’s still a good time for buyers to strike a deal.

With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit, there are reports that buyers are sellers are delaying their decisions until this summer when they hope to have more clarity. According to buying agent Henry Pryor, if you put your house on the market right now, you could have a 14% chance of selling it within the next month.

If you leave it on the market for the next year, you could have an over 50% chance of selling it. This is the case if properties continue to sell at the current rate they’re selling now. There’s still a market for selling even if the market is filled with uncertainty. As of right now, the market is selling at a steady pace.

Home prices are still strong with the steady flow of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Those who want to make their move in 2019 should prepare their homes for the spring market. This is a good time to make a positive impression on potential buyers who are nervous about the future of Brexit. The London property market isn’t what it used to be due to Brexit uncertainty and sellers going out of their way to make their homes stand out.

A spring cleaning session and some inexpensive upgrades can encourage people to fall in love with your home. There are other preparations you should consider to make your home market-ready.

DeClutter Your Home

Before you put your home on the market, you need to declutter. Nobody wants to look at the stacks of dirty clothes, holiday decorations, and old magazines in every room of your home. Never leave pots and pans or shampoo bottles out in display. Make sure that everything is in its place.

Once everything is in its place, make sure that each of your rooms look as stylish as possible. Notice how hotels and showrooms display their photos online. Most of these places are designed with symmetry as the focus, such as bedside tables and lamps placed on either side of the bed. Your bed should be made with coordinated cushions, duvet covers ironed, and pillows plumped for that exquisite, home feel.

Choose your big renovations wisely

If you think that pouring the money in without careful consideration will give you great returns, you’re wrong. True, certain renovations will definitely increase the value of your home and then some, but others might actually negatively impact the bottom line. For example, adding a pool to your backyard might seem like a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home, but a lot of potential buyers will probably just see it as a liability. Instead, you should focus on the basics – give your walls a fresh coat of paint, make sure the area in front of the house is paved and free of potholes, and so on. If your budget allows it, investing in a proper flooring is never a mistake, too. Solid wood flooring is certainly impressive, but can be quite pricey, so you should perhaps consider engineered wood flooring. Linton Flooring offers some great options at reasonable prices.

Opt for Neutral Colors

If you love bright yellow or orange walls, now is a good time to swap it for neutral colors. You may find traditional colors boring, but these shades sell better than loud and crazy colors. Just freshening up your home with an off-white color is enough to make it attractive to potential homebuyers.

Let the Light In

Dressing up a property to sell it can be time consuming and expensive, and you should consider serious renovations if you know you’ll make a profit from them. There are several ways that you can improve the look of any property. One of the best ways to add value to your home is to allow light into your home. Dark rooms look depressing, and buyers will always prefer a warm, sunny space with lots of natural light. Upvc windows are trendy these days, and are sure to add value over the old wooden ones.  

Consider replacing your heavy curtains with fabric blinds, shutters, or wood slat. Lighting is effective for showing your home in its best, natural state. It helps create the illusion of space and produces an interesting look at different angles. Even high-voltage light bulbs can improve the look of your home on the dreariest days.

Freshen it Up

Homeowners become accustomed to the smell of their pets. If you have pets, ask a pet-free friend if your home smells like you’re a dog or cat owner. If they say it does, then you’re going to have to find ways to freshen up your home. This includes cleaning the carpets, upholstery, and curtains.

Then ask a friend or neighbor to babysit your pet during viewings. It’s important to keep your pets away during this time. While candles and incense are nice additions, canned air freshener may be a turn off to potential buyers.

Cigarette smokers are faced with the same challenge and should consider moving their habit outdoors, at least during the sales period.

First Impressions Count

Buyers typically make up their mind about a home within 30 seconds of viewing it. Make sure that your front yard is as pleasant as the inside. This means that you should keep your garden and entryway free of leaves and weeds. Make sure that your hedges are trimmed and all pathways are cleaned and paved.

Line up your trash bins, or store them away during this time. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint if necessary and polish the door hardware. Sometimes a few plants can dress up the exterior of your home and make it more welcoming. If your neighborhood has off-street parking, move your car so potential buyers can see this benefit for themselves upon arrival.

Don’t Forget Photos

Homebuyers will probably look at hundreds of homes on a website before deciding which one to choose. This is where high-quality images are important. It’s also the reason why you should declutter your home so each of your rooms looks as large and spacious as possible. Consider removing everything from your rooms such as family photos or old rugs.

Think about the things you don’t need, and if now is the time to get rid of it. Relying on real estate agents to take great photos is not always the best option, it’s best to hire a professional instead. These days many of them have drones that will capture stunning aerial photos of your property. Good luck!

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