Mansion Block in Chiswick has had its original 12 sash windows refurbished

A sizeable lateral flat in a Mansion Block in Chiswick has had its original 12 sash windows refurbished and draught proofing added and double-glazed Slimline Glass inserted in the original frames. The property is situated in a highly regarded Conservation area and the integrity of the building had to be maintained, so sympathetic restoration was required. Designed and Project Managed by Monica Davis Property, who researched the most sympathetic way to refurbish these original sash windows. Monica ultimately shortlisted and instructed London Sash Windows to handle this delicate restoration.  With a keen eye for detail and a passion for a high quality finish, combined with the energy and efficacy, Monica Davis Property leads the way in design that works on a functional level in London, ensuring that each building retains its originality and considers restoration rather than replacement.

Restoration of original windows is a step-by-step process: we remove the sash windows and inspect for structural reliability and then clean out the original glazing. The windows are then routed deeper to take a double glazed unit and neatly finished with an external glazing bead. The window is then refitted with a comprehensive draught proofing system that leaves windows with the efficiency of a brand new double glazed sash window. Presto, the windows are fit for purpose and they add extra warmth and acoustic barriers at an affordable price. Prudent designers are taking full advantage of this system wherever possible.

When asked to comment, Christopher Gould, MD of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd says: “Working with Monica Davis Property to achieve excellent thermal efficiency standards has been a pleasure and I hope other designers and contractors can learn from the example she sets. The big winner is London homeowners and their direct neighbours who benefit from these fantastic refurbishment efforts”.

Draught proofing sash windows – If you double-glaze an existing sash window, it would be a total waste of resources if a quality draught proofing system were not incorporated. The draught proofing system is reducing the amount of energy transfer lost through spaces within the frame that are required for smooth travel of a sash window. The draught proofing alone is environmentally friendly, saves on carbon emissions, and will considerably reduce heating bills, however when combined with double glazing the results are a comfortable home that’s up to the latest energy standards expected in London. You can learn more about sash window draught proofing where the benefits are discussed as well as method for the service itself.

London properties are leaky old things, but when quality design meets level headed function, amazing results ensue. Whilst some ventilation is required to keep a London home in excellent condition the draughts of a traditional sash window are uncomfortable, and totally avoidable with the modern technologies available today and if you carefully select the right contractor, then a comfortable home is achievable on a sensible budget.”

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