Making it through end of tenancy cleaning in one piece

End of tenancy cleaning is not only quite a hassle, its failure is also the leading contributor to deposit deductions. That being said, it is also one of the simplest end of tenancy issues to work through, which is best done by contacting the right end of tenancy cleaning service.

Contacting a company such as EOT Cleaning Services will ensure that you get through this transitionary period – in which you will definitely require much help – without losing anything out of your deposit, or sanity.

Entering and Leaving a Rented Home

When you walk into a new place, you always expect that it will be presented to you in a hygienic and welcomingly tidy manner. It is only fair that you do the same service to your landlord once you decide to leave, by leaving the home in the original condition you found it in.

When it gets closer to the actual leaving deadline, you may suddenly and urgently realize that you have not maintained the expected level of cleanliness. With the demanding nature of the moving process, getting on your hands and knees to do a day’s worth of tough scrubbing might not be something you practically have time for.

For this reason, most people will turn to an appropriately designed cleaning service. It is not only financially in your best interests to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service, but it is also logistically the most sensible and time-saving strategy.

Why is End of Tenancy Cleaning so Important?

In the United Kingdom alone, end of tenancy cleaning makes up over half of the total deposit disputes recorded, with a crazy rate of 56% of relevant disagreements arising due to tenants not having held up their end of the bargain by keeping a place tidy and clean.

Please remember that although you are not legally obliged by a landlord to enlist the services of end of tenancy cleaning services, it really is in your best interest to do so, as you may not realize just how extensive such a domestic procedure actually is.

What many landlords will legally require, however, is that you leave a home in the same condition that you find it, that being relatively spotless.

Why Hiring a Completely Capable Cleaning Service is Vital

There is a set checklist of cleaning objectives which must be completely fulfilled for your deposit to emerge unscathed at the end of your tenancy. This is an objectively formed list, demarcated by law.

With such a stringent guideline, nothing but a comprehensively thorough team of professional cleaners can or will leave your soon to be vacated home looking spotless. It really does pay off when you find that your deposit has been returned to you completely intact.

That being said, make sure that an end of tenancy cleaning company is not overcharging, as many people will pay a silly amount of money to a service, making the receiving of their actual deposit amount seem like a paltry breaking even.

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