All the information about “block making machines” that you must know if you are in the industry

Do you like the world of building, and do you want to be up-to-date on all these kind of news? Do you have a construction company and you must keep up-dated on all innovations? Is this issue a big interest for you?

Discover here all you need to know about concrete block machines, as well as how to find the best ones in today´s market at the most affordable prices.

The world has changed in recent times, and with has also changed the sector of the construction. As years go by, everything is better, faster, and more solid built.

Currently, the popular concrete blocks are produced and required in many places in the world. The two main reasons are, without a doubt, the high quality of their materials , and their affordable costs. This has resulted in a very important change on the construction of buildings, since in our country the most used material has been for a long time the brick , material that has had very good results, but, however, it is not recommended by the environmental specialists, for having seriously damaged our environment, considering that it is a non-reneweable resource

Where could I find block making machines?

Nowadays more and more people choose to do this procedure through Internet, mainly for two reasons: the wide variety that one can find, and also the possibility of making comparisons between prices.

The company Rometa is a leading company on this sector. It has many years of experience in this kind of jobs, and it is widely required on the construction industry, specifically from 1956, offering an excellent treat to the customer, and always giving the best of themselves on their materials. From this platform, one can find a wide variety of block making machines, all kind of automatic block machines or semi –automatic mobile, whose aim is to to built concrete blocks, in all shapes and sizes possible, for every need one can have.

Among the main and most requested block making machines, we should highlight the block making machine rometa EL 12. This vauable machine, as well as having as main goal the production of concrete blocks, produces solid blocks, paving stones, light blocks and modular clay tiles.

It has the advantage of having a hydraulic mechanism, which give them more safety and functionality of all kind at work. The is a vibrating table and you have the option to choose it, and it is recommended if it is going to be also used on the production of modular clay tiles. If you click the link to the website, you can see all the features of the machine, including measures and other usages, as well as another recommendations and advices to use it adequately. On top of that, a great video is included, where you can see this machine working live, and by this you can get a real picture in your mind of how this machine works. You will see that it is a very simple and resistant machine, to be used in all this kind of construction works.

On the other hand, the block making machine rometa EL 6, is also one of the most required in this world of construction. It is a comfortable mobile and semi-automatic machine, which is specialised in all the functions of the blocking machine rometa El 12, but this one also includes, and can be given another kind of usages, such as the production of kerbs, always used, and of course, its corresponding mould for the manufacturing. We can also find, on this online platform, everthing we need to make everthing clearer, in oder to decide which one we would like to have.

Both block making machines just described are mostly used by big companies that means, these companies are going to give them a large dimensions usage, and are going to get a big profitability from this machine. However, in Rometa, it is also possible to find another kind of block making machines, which are manual, for smaller companies, or for those which are going to give it a low use. As you can see, Rometa has different machines for different situation and contexts.

If you have any doubt, you can contact the company through the online platform aforementioned, and they will answer any questions you may have.

Among the low production machines, we can find, for example, the machine rometa 1000, which can produce up to 360 blocks in just 1 hour, 3 blocks per cycle. Also in this range we find the blocking machine rometa 1010, also automatic, which can produce up to 500 blocks in 1 hour, 4 block per cycle.

You can also find in ROMETA “Batching Plants”, and within this group, we can find “Fixed batching plants”, “transportable plants”, “truck load”, “mixing machines”, and “Air Cargo”. Each one of them is for special needs.

As Add-ons, in ROMETA you can also find Splitting machines, “Double Layer”, “Remote Control”, “Driers”, “Trays”, and “Molds”, which complement to all the machines and the job that ROMETA does.

Do not hesitate, and if have questions to ask, please access to Rometa.

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