Clapham arrived on the scene years ago, and put SW4 firmly on the map. Few can remember it used to be regarded as quite a rough area. Now it is one of busiest drinking/eating areas in London, with many venues full every day of the week.

It used to be full of Australians, but they appear to have been priced out the places like Acton. Now Clapham is firmly the HQ for the young Home Counties set in London. Rugby fans, polished accents and money to spend.

As ever properties come at a price (a very heavy one at that) the average property price in Clapham is £700,348. The only saving grace is it is ONLY £587 per week, which is 19% below the London Average of £698 per week (July 2014)

Additionally, the Old Town has a much calmer vibe, some good pubs and attracts a more discerning crowd.

Famous for

Interestingly Vivienne Westwood lives in the Old Town (even seen her with my own keen eye; riding her bike home). I have it on good authority (ok my mate told me, please don’t sue me Viv) that she is in constant dispute about the overflowing bins, from a neighbouring pub.


Great if you are a fan of rugby and trainee solicitor/lawyer/surveyor/accountant.

Excellent transport links. Green space for everyone, Clapham Common is huge and great for a sunny afternoon.


Not great if you aren’t a fan of rugby fans who are trainee solicitors/lawyers/surveyors/accountants…

To buy is VERY pricey

Transport Links

Three Tube stops, overground and buses galore. Can get to town in no time. Beware, the Northern Line is possible the busiest place on earth during rush hour.


Primaries; Macaulay Church of England Primary School and Clapham Manor Primary School Outstanding. Secondary Thomas’s Clapham Outstanding and Lambeth Academy Good


If you want to dance to the Baywatch theme tune and meet a “friendly” member of the opposite sex then Infernos is still the place to go. Other than that Venn Street Records is a decent bar.  Also, all of the bars in the Old Town are great.

To eat, Powder Keg Diplomacy (bit out of main centre of Clapham) and Trinity are great places to dine.

Property All properties correct via on 1st October 2014

To buy £830,000 two bedroom, ground floor flat with garden


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To rent £1,668 pcm (£385 pw) two double bedroom, bathroom with shower over bath


To rent properties in Clapham click here

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