Brixton really isn’t what it was, instead of a Rasta offering you drugs outside the tube station, you are more likely to find a cello player busking for money. Brixton is now a Clapham overspill, check out the patrons of the Dog Star on Friday night and you could easily be on Clapham High Street.

It is one of the few areas in south London on the tube and gentrification was inevitable. Some locals even attacked the new Foxtons branch when it opened, but that seems to have died off. I assume the estate agents would rather risk the wrath of the locals than risk not making commission on sales.

These days, you are more likely to see a riot when they run out of cheese in the “Champagne + Fromage” shop.

Famous for

Riots, Electric Avenue (named because it was one of the first streets in UK to be lit by electricity…oh and the song) and Mike Tyson visited there once.


It is on the Victoria Line, so mins from town, it has lots of new bars and restaurants and Brixton village is a fantastic venue to discover a vast array pop up restaurants.


If you yearn for the Brixton of old, you will be disappointed. There are less and less creatives in the area. You are more likely to punched by a derivatives trader than bump into a street poet in the local watering holes.

Transport Links

Excellent, Victoria line to central London in a couple of minutes.


Hill Mead primary school, good. Evelyn Grace Academy, good,


Brixton village to eat. The Trinity is a good pub with outdoor area as has the Duke of Edinburgh. Brixton Academy still gets great bands and the independent Ritzy cinema pretty cool (apart from the recent protests as they didn’t pay the living wage)

Property All properties correct via on 23rd September 2014

£350,000 One bedroom, third floor flat, situated in the heart of Brixton.


£1,095,000 A recently restored four bedroom Victorian family house for sale situated on one of Brixton’s most sought after roads


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  1. The Dog Star has always been full of tourists from Clapham. Not representative of Brixton and never has been. And as for creatives? More than there has ever been….

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