I used to live in Finsbury Park, North London (to be fair I have lived in lots of parts of London, well apart from the posh bits, natch) and it was vaguely affordable then. Two things happened to me there 1, I dislocated my shoulder whilst very very drunk and 2, I got thrown out of my flat for failure to pay rent (anarchist/pauper….delete as appropriate) So you would think I would look back with a certain sense of anger at Finsbury Park and what it did to me, but no, not a bit of it. Even with only one working arm, I loved it.

But as gentrification has spread up Holloway Road; quicker than Usain Bolt to a lucrative Virgin advert, it is now pretty costly. But if you manage to pay your rent and avoid collapsing over a wall (while trying and obvs failing to impress a girl) you will love this place too.

As you can imagine there is a park (answer is in the name), which is nice. It has tennis courts, pond and occasional all day gigs. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, including my favourite pub in London. So come, take my one working arm and I’ll lead you through this delightful place.

Famous for

The Finsbury Park Mosque, which drew attention for extremist activity before a change in leadership in 2003. Abu Hamza et al


Minutes from upmarket Upper Street, nice Victorian terraces, good pubs and close to town. Not far from a decent hospital; Highgate, I think it was…


Pricey (anywhere Zone 1-2 in London is) and Holloway Road shops are still a bit shabby. Could also maybe do with a few more high-end restaurants.

Transport Links

Really good, tonnes of buses it is a bit of a transport hub and Zone 2 Victoria and Piccadilly Line, in town in no time at all.


Parkwood Primary school outstanding, Stroud Green Primary, good. Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School Outstanding Islington Arts and Media School and Skinners’ Academy good.


The World’s end and The Dairy are good boozers, but the Faltering Fullback is my fav pub in London. Not to be missed. To eat; Osteria Tufo Italian fish restaurant.

Property All properties correct via www.zoopla.co.uk on 8th October 2014

To buy £1,420,000 5 bed semi-detached house with spacious kitchen, terrace and large private garden.


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To rent £1, 495 pcm (£345 pw) bright, spacious one bedroom flat minutes away from Finsbury Park station


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