How to Sell your London Property Quicker this Summer

If a quick house sale is what you’re after, the aim of the game is to attract genuine buyers as soon as you put that for sale sign up. The property market is buoyant in London, but that doesn’t guarantee that your property will fly once it becomes available for purchase. If time is of the essence, and you want to get the best price, here are some top tips to help you sell your London property quicker this summer.

Make a good first impression

First impressions count for everything when it comes to selling a property. Most buyers will have made their mind up within seconds of arriving in the driveway or walking through the front door. Take a little time to get your home sale-ready. Declutter the front garden or any communal entry points and corridors, give the front door a lick of paint and take the bins around to the side or back of the house. Simple design and layout changes can make your home much more appealing. Although many buyers focus on the space inside, curb appeal does have a role to play.

Ensure your home is ready for sale

The London property market can move rapidly, so don’t put a sign up before you’re ready. It’s worth taking a day or so to prepare your home for sale so that the photos you take will look better and your viewings will be more successful. Make sure your property is tidy and clean, light some scented candles to banish any unpleasant odours and get rid of clutter. Space is at a premium in London, and the larger and lighter you can make your flat or house look, the better. It’s often beneficial to showcase your home as a blank canvas, so that it appeals to a wider market, so remove personalised accessories and framed photographs. Maximise natural light, let the summer sunshine flood your home, and try and show off your property’s best features at the beginning of the tour.

Choose the right estate agent

Look for an estate agent that has experience and knowledge of the local area, and check out portfolios and sales figures. You want to choose an agency that has an excellent track record and a good reputation in the area. Meet with different agencies, have a chat about the marketing techniques they use and compare fees. Make a decision based on which business you think has the potential to sell your house quickly at the best price. If you’re really desperate for a quick sale companies like London based Ask Susan claim buy your house in as little as 7 days.

Showcase your property

When you want to sell a property quickly, it’s important to spread the word, and let interested buyers know that your home is for sale. Your agent will probably contact people who are looking for similar properties, but you could also consider hosting an open house event. This enables larger groups of people to see the property at the same time, and it can also breed healthy competition. If more than one buyer seems interested, the open viewing may encourage them to act quickly and put a respectable bid in to try and quash interest from others. When it comes to marketing, photographs also play a vital role. Many people don’t even read descriptions or look at floor plans. They flick through the photos online, and either shortlist or scrap that property. It’s worth paying for professional images that show off your property in the best light.

Be flexible with viewings

London is a city where many people work long hours. If you’re targeting the family or young professional markets, it’s beneficial to be flexible when it comes to arranging viewings. It may not be ideal for people to traipsing around your home in the evenings, but if that’s the only time they can make it, being adaptable could help you sell your home much faster. If a potential buyer is desperate to see the flat, but you can’t accommodate them at a time that suits, there’s every chance they’ll lose interest and look at other options. If you have viewings booked, it’s common to let estate agents earn their crust and show buyers around. If, for any reason, you find yourself being the tour guide, try and offer important information about the property, but don’t bombard your buyers with statistics or give them an aggressive sales pitch. Give them time and space to look around at their leisure.

If you’re hoping for a quick sale, prepare your home for viewings, inject a little extra curb appeal and make sure the photographs you use do your property justice. Be flexible with viewings, and consider organising an open house to generate a buzz around the property. Good luck!

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