Family Factors Still Largest Influence When Moving Home

By Bea Patel, TLE Property Editor and Director of Shop for an Agent – the estate agent comparison website

There are many reasons why you may need to move home – most commonly because of marriage, upsizing as the family gets larger or divorce.

Latest research by eMoov reveals not much has changed. In a survey, homeowners were asked: “what was the reason behind your last house move?”.

Coming in at first place was having children, with 33 per cent moving because of a new arrival to the family. In second place, 21 per cent moved due to marriage. In third place, 11 per cent moved as they got divorced.

Surprisingly (as they responded to a public survey), two per cent revealed their last move was because of witness protection.

Nuisance neighbours also made the list, causing three per cent to up roots from their last home. Despite the difficulty of getting on the UK property ladder, two per cent moved due to being first time buyers and getting their own place.

Influencers such as breaking up with a partner, wanting independence from parents, downsizing, and crime in their current area caused one per cent of people in each influencer group to move home.

Out of all those surveyed, only two per cent moved from their last home because they moved in with a partner, and five per cent moved for work reasons.

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