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Your Dream Rural Retreat for £50,000

By Steve Taggart

Owning a second property is a dream for many, whether as a savvy investment or simply for enjoyment as a holiday home. Yet as travel abroad becomes increasingly expensive, more Brits than ever are looking closer to home for an accessible second purchase.

The reality of volatile property markets however can make for risky investments, and with the average house price in Britain now over £270,000 (Guardian, 2014) many buyers have been priced out of second home ownership in the UK.

Yet for £50,000, investors in The Dream Lodge Group’s luxury lodges can own a fraction of the Great British countryside- enjoying an annual entitlement of two weeks every year whilst making a guaranteed return on their investment.

Located across some of the UK’s most picturesque counties, including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Devon and Cornwall, the group offers full or partial ownership of a range of luxury lodges- designed to your personal specification with bespoke interiors. Enjoy your own slice of rural England from your private hot tub, safe in the knowledge that your investment is providing a secure and active return of 8% a year for three years.

With a range of purchase options to suit individual financial and lifestyle needs, investment options provide a choice of packages which deliver guaranteed payments either monthly, annually or as a single sum at the end of the three year investment term.

Whether you have a lump sum to invest and are looking for a more active interest rate than current savings accounts, are recently retired and looking to release equity from your family home, or are simply looking to own an exclusive holiday home in the UK- the Dream Lodge Group can offer a safe investment with a guaranteed return.

Owners can choose to enjoy their annual allowance of up to 8 weeks a year at their exclusive countryside escape, whilst others can elect to rent out their lodge 100% of the time, further increasing the rate of their return. Investors are well placed to take advantage of a consistently high rental market, with Britain’s tourism industry having reached an all- time high in recent years. The UK’s tourism economy is only predicted to increase in the coming years, resulting in further growth for the UK’s holiday park industry which makes up 15% of the country’s total tourism economy. This burgeoning tourism economy has enabled the group’s turnover to increase by 45% in the last three years alone.

The increasing popularity of the luxury lodging market within the UK has led to a lodge investments becoming a viable financial alternative to purchasing a more expensive buy-to-let property. Entry into lodge investments starts from just a fraction of the average price of a full house, as well as providing a steady and reliable return depending on your purchase option. Whereas looking after a property can be a full time job, Dream Lodge provides a maintenance team on site- including a dedicated guest relations advisor and full housekeeping team, ensuring hassle free ownership. The lodges can be rented out all year, thereby avoiding any periods when the property might be empty and ensuring a steady return. In contrast to buy-to-let purchases, lodge investments require no start-up costs, solicitor’s fees or stamp duty- and also offer flexible finance options including assistance with part exchanges as well as monthly payment plans.

Whether as a superb holiday home or financially secure investment, Dream Lodge’s luxurious homes aim to make the dream of a year round countryside retreat a reality, providing a viable investment model that can appeal to individuals, families and retirees alike.

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  1. Ian

    I am interested but not sure if money safe or company can be trusted etc can you please advise more as I would like to but one outright but just not sure if sound investment

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