Cost to rent a room along the London Marathon route

By Bea Patel, TLE Property Editor and Director of Shop for an Agent

Yesterday (Sunday 24 April 2016) was the 36th London Marathon. The 26.2-mile route had runners weaving through some of London’s famous landmark’s. Flatsharing website reveal the average cost of a room along the route, starting from Woolwich in the east to Westminster in the west of the Capital.

With only ten miles between the start and finishing point, Woolwich offers the cheapest rent prices at £693 a month, compared to Westminster with average prices of £1182 – a difference of £489.

See below for the average cost to rent a room at different locations along the route.

The London Economic

Rent prices along the London Marathon route

Thomas Villeneuve, ceo of, said: “Our data shows how expensive renting a room in London can be. The areas surrounding the first miles on the marathon route are certainly more affordable than those along the home stretch near Westminster and Waterloo, but paying almost £700 a month to rent a room in the capital can still be a costly affair for some Londoners.”

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