Birmingham home to affordable property and top schools

By Bea Patel, TLE Property Editor and Director of Shop for an Agent

With GCSE results on our doorstep, new research reveals Birmingham is home to the best balance of affordable property and top schools. Research by online estate agent identified the top 50 schools in the country that offer a balance of affordable housing with a top quality state education. The study compared average house prices in the surrounding area to the average GCSE score per pupil.

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls in Birmingham came in top place. With an average score of 588.9 GCSE points per pupil and an average house price of £107,305, the property value is £182 for every GCSE point achieved (average house price / average GCSE points per pupil with A*-C grades = property value per GCSE point).

So, are homeowners moving into catchment areas where they want their children to go to school?

According to this new research of over 1,000 UK homeowners with children:

  • 14 per cent said they bought their house in the desired catchment area in advance.
  • 22 per cent have moved closer to the school they want to secure a place at for their children.
  • 10 per cent said they think about moving home to give their children a better chance of getting into their ideal school.
  • 10 per cent said they have downsized their home to move within a catchment area.

Among other schools in the top ten, Handsworth School is joined by King Edward VI Five Ways School (3rd) and King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls (5th), making Birmingham home to three out of the top ten schools in the study. The infographic by eMoov shows the top ten schools that balance the price of property with good education.


eMoov School Property Infographic

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