5 Reasons To Consider Self Storage When Renovating Your Home

If you are planning to have your property renovated or you are just starting the process of getting the builders (or yourself) in to make your home your dream home, then the upheaval and inconvenience that is just around the corner is probably going to come as a shock to you. No matter how quickly the job is completed or just how good the builders are, this is just going to be unavoidable.

Having work done on your home, from a new kitchen through to a full loft conversion or even a complete home renovation, it is never going to come without challenges. From the mess that will be made (just ask anyone who is doing a renovation about the dust) through to the extra few days that continually get added onto the project as the weeks come and go. Building work is never a non-messy affair, with dust, dirt and everything else lingering for a long time, even if you utilise a wealth of dust sheets and protective measures.

But, the reason so many people have this work carried out is so that as a couple, a bachelor, a bachelorette, or family, they have a home that they adore. So whilst it might seem like a few months of complete pain and torture, there could be an answer, just put your worldly belongings somewhere else!  We look at 5 reasons to consider self storage when renovating your home.


Damage / Dirt Protection

The last thing you want is to come home to your brand new conservatory and find that your cherished three-piece sofa has been damaged or that your brand new dining table is scratched beyond repair, as no matter how careful everyone is, accidents still happen, but if your most precious furniture is tucked away in a storage facility, then this is one less worry for you to have until the work is complete.  Anyone who has renovated a house will tell you about the dust. Ergh, the dust that you’re still fighting three years after completion.



If you have decided to use the opportunity to spend a few weeks away in the sun or maybe staying with relatives or in a rented property whilst the work is carried out, then your property could well be empty for long periods of time, with other people trusted with your possessions. Therefore, moving anything that is valuable into self storage could be the perfect solution, as you can guarantee 24 / 7 security and when you are ready for your possessions back, you simply turn up, load up and drive away.


Hassle Free Workspace

Trying to make your tradespeople work around a room or houseful of items is simply not practical or fair, so it makes sense that you give them all the space they need to complete the job by moving what you can into self storage. Not only does this give them adequate room to complete the project, but it can often shorten the length of time taken, as they are not continually moving things around trying to get more space.  Apart from the dust, people who’ve undertaken their own renovations soon tire of continually moving things around, and then moving them around again.


Time For A Sort Out

If your property is getting a bit of a facelift, then you can use this time to move everything into storage and then spend the next few weeks really having a sort out, as over the course of 10 years we all end up with stuff we simply do not need, meaning that this is the perfect time for a really good sort out.


Cost Effective Solution

If it makes the job easier, if it shortens the time taken and if it makes your furniture and valuables are all kept in perfect condition, safe and protected then self storage is a very cost effective solution to the problem of keeping everything ok. If you compare a month’s self storage rental to having to buy a new sofa as it got damaged during the building works, then you can see very quickly just why it really is worth a consideration.


Thanks to the team at Bristol based Thornbury Self Storage for assisting us with this article, proving just why self storage and home renovation really do go hand in hand.

Featured Image by Ken Walker [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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