3-D printer builds house for $10,000 – and it will last for 175 years

An fascinating video has been released of a 3-D printer building an entire house for $10,000.

The average new build home costs £189,940 to build, compared to a self-build cost of £84,000 if you do the work yourself or £146,000 if you employ tradesmen to do it for you.

But this could change all that.

The technology has been used to build accommodation in Stupino, Russia.

Although the house is a cosy 409 square feet it has all the essential fittings, including a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

And it was all built in 24 hours!

The company use a concrete mixture to build the foundations before workers add windows, paint and furniture.

The printer fits on a truck and takes two people to operate it.

Watch the fascinating process below:

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  1. Graham Walker

    All very well, and $10,000 sounds cheap, but when everything is made by machine and the only people with any money are the people who own the machines, there’ll be nobody with any money to buy the things being made. People need to wake up.

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